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  Reg. Katahdin Ewe/Ram Lambs & Adult Breeding Rams

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  Mouflon Rams for Sale / Trade   TX, USA  08-11-2017

  Savanna Goats   MO, USA  05-11-2017

  2 White Year Old Fleece Wethers    VA, USA  03-10-2017

  6 Month Old Fleece Wether Sheep    VA, USA  03-10-2017

  100% Katahdin Lambs   TX, USA  30-09-2017

  1000hd of Bred Boer / Spanish Nannies    OK, USA  14-09-2017

  Mini-Alpine Buck   MT, USA  13-09-2017

  Polypay Ewe Lambs   WI, USA  28-08-2017

  Excellent Dual Purpose Goats   UT, USA  22-07-2017

  Sheep Bucks   TX, USA  07-07-2017

  Top Quality Dorper Ram Lambs   WI, USA  28-05-2017

  Mini Silky Fainting Goats   OK, USA  19-05-2017

  Registered Leicester Longwool Ewe Lambs   PA, USA  29-04-2017

  Registered RR Katahdin Ram lambs   TX, USA  08-04-2017

  Registered Nigerian Dwarf Babies   TN, USA  11-03-2017

  Painted Dessert Young Ewe Sheep   KY, USA  10-03-2017

  Dairy Goats   TX, USA  07-03-2017

  Dairy and Meat Goats   CA, USA  07-03-2017

  Painted Desert Sheep   TX, USA  04-03-2017

  Full Blood Boer Goats, Healthy Merino and Dorper Sheep   Gauteng, South Africa  03-02-2017

  African Pygmy Goats Ship Worldwide   CA, USA  03-02-2017

  Hair Cross Ewe Lambs   VA, USA  03-02-2017

  Fainting Goats   VA, USA  02-02-2017

  Dairy and Meat goats   PA, USA  16-01-2017

  Boer, Saanen, Alpine and other Goats   TX, USA  14-01-2017

  Fiber Sheep   PA, USA  06-01-2017

  Mature Registered Katahdin Ram RR   TX, USA  01-01-2017

  Dairy and Meat Goats   Sold  CA, USA  22-12-2016

  High Milking Saanen and Boer Goats   TX, USA  07-12-2016

  East Friesian Ewes   CO, USA  21-11-2016

  Outstanding Sheep Flock   FL, USA  30-10-2016

  Dairy and Meat Goats   FL, USA  30-10-2016

  Registered Yearling Suffolk Ram   Wi, USA  26-10-2016

  Pelibuey Sheep    CA, USA  22-10-2016

  Katahdin Sheep Rams and Ewes   OH, USA  20-10-2016

  Reg. Katahdin Ewe/Ram Lambs & Adult Breeding Rams   NE, USA  01-10-2016

  Boer Goats, Live Sheep, Cattle and Lambs   UT, USA  27-09-2016

  Polypay Ram   IA, USA  26-09-2016

  Professional Sheep Shearing   OK, USA  25-09-2016

  Registered Painted Desert Sheep & Nigerian Dwarf Goats   TX, USA  24-09-2016

  Pygmy Goat Kids   VA , USA  24-09-2016

  Purebred Katahdin Ram  Sold  TX, USA  24-09-2016

  Healthy Merinos Sheep   IL, USA  16-09-2016

  Healthy Boer Goats   VA, USA  16-09-2016

  Boer Goats   TX, USA  16-09-2016

  Nylon Sheep Halter & Lead   CO, USA  01-09-2016

  Poly Duck Cotton Sheep Blanket   CO, USA  01-09-2016

  Outstanding Sheep flock for sale    GA, USA  26-08-2016

  Alpine Goats   MS, USA  23-08-2016

  African Pygmy Goats - Ship Worldwide   CA, USA  10-08-2016

  Goats Supply Excellent Breeds Available   TX, USA  09-08-2016

  Registered Katahdin Rams  Sold  FL, USA  17-06-2016

  Registered PureBred and Percentage Kiko Goats   ID, USA  17-06-2016

  Ewe and Buck, katahdin Lambs, Royal White Sheep   TX, USA  17-06-2016

  Registered katahdin Ewe Lambs  Sold  AL, USA  25-05-2016

  East Friesian Milking Sheep   VA, USA  18-04-2016

  American Blackbelly Rams  Sold  MN, USA  14-04-2016

  Harlequin Ram Lamb  Sold  CA, US  06-04-2016

  EF Dairy Ram Lambs  Sold  KY, USA  06-03-2016

  Pure East Friesians Ewes and Rams    PA, USA  25-02-2016

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