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Reg. Katahdin Ewe/Ram Lambs
& Adult Breeding Rams
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Pic Subject Location Date
  Mini Silky Fainting Goats   OK, USA 19-05-2017
  Registered Leicester Longwool Ewe Lambs   PA, USA 29-04-2017
  Registered RR Katahdin Ram lambs   TX, USA 08-04-2017
  Registered Nigerian Dwarf Babies   TN, USA 11-03-2017
  Painted Dessert Young Ewe Sheep   KY, USA 10-03-2017
  Dairy Goats   TX, USA 07-03-2017
  Dairy and Meat Goats   CA, USA 07-03-2017
  Painted Desert Sheep   TX, USA 04-03-2017
  Full Blood Boer Goats, Healthy Merino and Dorper Sheep   Gauteng, South Africa 03-02-2017
  African Pygmy Goats Ship Worldwide   CA, USA 03-02-2017
  Hair Cross Ewe Lambs   VA, USA 03-02-2017
  Fainting Goats   VA, USA 02-02-2017
  Dairy and Meat goats   PA, USA 16-01-2017
  Boer, Saanen, Alpine and other Goats   TX, USA 14-01-2017
  Fiber Sheep   PA, USA 06-01-2017
  Mature Registered Katahdin Ram RR   TX, USA 01-01-2017
  Dairy and Meat Goats   Sold CA, USA 22-12-2016
  High Milking Saanen and Boer Goats   TX, USA 07-12-2016
  East Friesian Ewes   CO, USA 21-11-2016
  Outstanding Sheep Flock   FL, USA 30-10-2016
  Dairy and Meat Goats   FL, USA 30-10-2016
  Registered Yearling Suffolk Ram   Wi, USA 26-10-2016
  Pelibuey Sheep   CA, USA 22-10-2016
  Katahdin Sheep Rams and Ewes   OH, USA 20-10-2016
  Reg. Katahdin Ewe/Ram Lambs & Adult Breeding Rams   NE, USA 01-10-2016
  Boer Goats, Live Sheep, Cattle and Lambs   UT, USA 27-09-2016
  Polypay Ram   IA, USA 26-09-2016
  Professional Sheep Shearing   OK, USA 25-09-2016
  Registered Painted Desert Sheep & Nigerian Dwarf Goats   TX, USA 24-09-2016
  Pygmy Goat Kids   VA , USA 24-09-2016
  Purebred Katahdin Ram   Sold TX, USA 24-09-2016
  Healthy Merinos Sheep   IL, USA 16-09-2016
  Healthy Boer Goats   VA, USA 16-09-2016
  Boer Goats   TX, USA 16-09-2016
  Nylon Sheep Halter & Lead   CO, USA 01-09-2016
  Poly Duck Cotton Sheep Blanket   CO, USA 01-09-2016
  Outstanding Sheep flock for sale   GA, USA 26-08-2016
  Alpine Goats   MS, USA 23-08-2016
  African Pygmy Goats - Ship Worldwide   CA, USA 10-08-2016
  Goats Supply Excellent Breeds Available   TX, USA 09-08-2016
  Savanna Goats   MO, USA 18-06-2016
  Registered Katahdin Rams   Sold FL, USA 17-06-2016
  Registered PureBred and Percentage Kiko Goats   ID, USA 17-06-2016
  Ewe and Buck, katahdin Lambs, Royal White Sheep   TX, USA 17-06-2016
  Registered katahdin Ewe Lambs   Sold AL, USA 25-05-2016
  East Friesian Milking Sheep   VA, USA 18-04-2016
  American Blackbelly Rams   Sold MN, USA 14-04-2016
  Harlequin Ram Lamb   Sold CA, US 06-04-2016
  EF Dairy Ram Lambs   Sold KY, USA 06-03-2016
  Pure East Friesians Ewes and Rams   PA, USA 25-02-2016
  Bred Ewes   WV, USA 03-02-2016
  Heavy Duty Suffolk Rams   WY, USA 31-01-2016
  Mouflon Rams for Sale / Trade   TX, USA 19-01-2016
  Fullblood Dorper Yearling Ewes   CA, USA 01-01-2016
  Polypropylene and Wire Deer Fencing   NY, USA 22-12-2015
  Boer Goats, Sheep, Cattle, Lambs and Cows   Sold NM, USA 22-12-2015
  Registered Royal White Sheep   OK, USA 28-11-2015
  Barbados Blackbelly Sheep   VA, USA 21-11-2015
  Wanted - Goat / Ram Horns and Skulls   WI, USA 17-11-2015
  Sheep   Sold IL, USA 30-10-2015
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