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Wanted - Pygmy Does (female) Goats

Date Posted: 16:29:43 2009-2-21
City: Alexandria
State: ON
Country: Canada
Email: noreply@agrisupportonline.com
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We are looking to add a few pygmy goats(miniatures goats that are cobby and stout) to our family of farm animals. We live on a large farm near Hawkesbury/Alexandria and offer the best care to our animals, including, regular vet visits, regular vaccines and deworming, quality hay, grain/vitamine/mineral supplement, warmed water, access to acres of pasture and forage, free access to the barn... We are offering a FOREVER home.
We are looking for female goats (does) that are friendly and healthy and dehorned as our children play and care for the goats. We are willing to pay , however the amount that we are willing to pay will be according to age, horns, expecting....Thank you