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For Sale - Flock of Shetland Sheep

Date Posted: 18:21:30 2009-3-18
Name: Chester Family
City: Mansfield
State: PA
Country: USA
Phone: 570-662-1082
Email: asfarm@mail.com
Website: http://www.alwayssomethinfarm.com
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We have a small flock (9 sheep) Shetlands for sale as a group, or a few of them individually. All of them are pure Shetland EXCEPT for Birch. All are nice animals, with good fleece.

The flock includes:

Butternut ($125) A four year old chocolate colored Shetland ewe, most likely bred.

Pecan ($125) Another four year old chocolate colored Shetland ewe, most likely bred.

Cookie (Not for sale individually) A yearling black and white patched ewe lamb with amazing fleece.

Lily ($150) 3 year old silver ewe, carries genetics for spots, most likely bred

Felix (Not for sale individually)- 4 year old registered Shetland ram, proven and has a nice fleece.

Seneca (Not for sale individually) Yearling grey registered Shetland ewe lamb. Carries spotted genetics

Birch ($100) 8 year old steel grey Shetland cross, in great condition. Is an amazing mother with an incredible fleece! Most likely bred.

Elise ($80) 8 year old registered steel grey ewe, has great genetics and is most likely bred.

Lang ($80) 10 year old black registered ewe, carries spotted genetics and is most likely bred.

They are all great sheep, so we are planning on trying to sell them all together. Our price is $1100 for all of them, email for pictures, or more information. We are located in Mansfield, Pennsylvania.

Price: $1,100