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For Sale - NX200 Dump Trailers

Date Posted: 13:47:47 2009-6-9
Name: John Deveen
City: Foresters Falls
State: ON
Country: Canada
Phone: 613-646-2807
Mobile: 613-639-1545
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18 TON 40,00LB,8.5X20"BOX 70"SIDES,990CU.FT/750 bushel,1150cu.ft with 2x12 extension,1275cu.ft with 20"mesh extensions,10 bolt 4"/16,00lb hubs/spindles,walking tandem,optional spring suspension,550/45x22.5 large flotation tires,Hydraulic tailgate,Hydraulic disk brakes,3/16 steel floor,standard tail lights/back up lights,12,oolb drop leg jacks,height adjustable suspension,hitch with swivel clevis,standard grain door 550 tilt for maximum clean out! $28,995.00. . Tel: 613-646-2807,Also available many other makes ,models and sizes! as well as high dumps,custum trailers,rock trailers,trailer frams and etc..We are a fullsevice welding shop! so if there is anything you would like made we can probaly do it!..feel free to contact John at Whitewater Welding Tel#646-2807orFax#613-646-7379...e-mail

Price: Cdn $28,995