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For Sale - Commercial Electric Pecan Cracker

Date Posted: 26-04-2013
Name: Gordon R Pearce
City: Bailey
State: NC
Country: USA
Phone: 252-230-0224
Mobile: 252-230-0224
Email: pearcebrothers@yahoo.com
Website: http://www.pearcebrothers.com
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Machine can crack 100+ lbs. per hour. Each machine is hand made of mild steel machine is primed and painted with an outdoor oil based paint.They have casters for easy moving.120 volt outlet can power the whole machine which consist of the cracker and a auto feeder hopper.A 1/4 horse power motor turns the rotor inside the cage. The cracker weighs about 160 lbs. and the feeder hopper weighs about 75 lbs. These machines can crack multiple size pecans with a easy adjustment of the cage,no retooling.

Price: $4,295