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For Sale - Straw Shredding and Pellets Production Equipment

Date Posted: 2009-12-03
Name: Oksana
City: Radviliskis
State: Siauliai
Country: Lithuania
Phone: +370 422 53439
Mobile: +370 6019 3778
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JSC “Radviliskis Machine Factory” started produce granulation of straw equipments. Set’s purpose – granulate grains, oily straw and prepare fuel pellets for properly consumption of automate large boiler-room and individual consumers trade.
To accomplish technical process in many circumstances is not necessary strained desiccation of straw bulk.

Short film about our straw shredding and pellets production equipment set you can send HERE

Set includes:

1. Straw transporter for straw bales (round, quadrate) to supply Shredder:- capacity – to 1,3 t/h;
- motoreducer (with frequency converter) – 0,25 kW;
- overall dimensions – (11000x1600x2250) mm;
- weight – 3600 kg.

2. Straw rolls Shredder. It’s used for rolls to be crushed, straw milling and putting into straw hammer mill:
- capacity - to 1,3 t/h;
- el. gear general power – 43,0 kW;
- overall dimensions – (2300x2300x2700) mm;
- weight – 2000 kg.

3. Hammer mill with stone catcher designed to mill straw. The grind of straw is delivered to cyclone - settler by the windblast:
- capacity - to 1,3 t/h;
- el. motor general power – 45,0 kW;
- overall dimensions – (1100x900x1100) mm;
- weight – 1000 kg.

4. The air-cleaning equipment:
- cyclone including sluice gate – 2 piece, el. motor – 0,75 kW each;
- EKO filter (long lasting dust collection bags with the case fastening belts and special grips).

The straw granulation line for fuel pellets trade in additionally set together with pellet press OGM – 1,5A, which description is listed “Pellet press OGM-1,5A”.
General straw milling and pellets equipment set installed capacity – 190 kW.
Straw milling equipment got national certificate in 28/11/2006. The Straw Crushing line SSL –1 was issued Equivalent Certificate Nr. 0341.
Laboratory “Virsma” in Latvia have observed straw pellets caloric content - 4111 Kcal/kg, a density – 610,7 kg/m³.
The records are matching wood pellets caloric content and density.

Prices, (FCA Radviliskis):
Straw shredding equipment set - starting from 68900,00*EUR.
Straw shredding and pellets production equipment set - starting from 162500,00*EUR.
Die, stainless steel(Germany) – starting from 2700,00*EUR.
Roll shell, stainless steel, (Germany) –starting from 300,00*EUR./pcs.
Air filter EKO - starting from 1500,00*EUR.

Room’s characteristic for the Straw shredding and pelleting equipments set
1. Rooms for the straws storage has to be covered, has to have entrance, which width not less than 3000 mm, height – 4000 mm.
2. The equipment has to be install in room:
- length – 24000 mm;
- width – 6000 mm;
- height – 6000 mm.

Price: €167,000