We are located in Rio Linda, CA. Call or email for more info "/>

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For Sale - Livestock Guard Dogs

Date Posted: 2010-2-13
Name: Slavic
City: Rio Linda
State: CA
Country: USA
Phone: 916-799-0694
Email: savetisov@yahoo.com
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What we have is a rare bread from central Asia.
Central asian wolfhounds, aka Alabai.
The dogs are extra large, very fast and very protective of livestock and personal family. (people that live in the house) dogs grow to be over 200 pounds! in central Asia these dogs are used to protect sheep, goats, camel, cows and horses. They are also used to protect the property. The father of the pups was brought from central Asia and the mother of the pups was born in US, but her parents were brought from central Asia.
We have 3 female pups left from old litter. The females are 9 months old and are ready to protect your livestock today! We have a new litter, pups will be available on 2/26/2010, males and females also $500 each.
We are a private seller, no shipping. Google "Alabai" for more info on the bread!
We are located in Rio Linda, CA. Call or email for more info

Price: $500