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For Sale - Show Quality Dairy Goats

Date Posted: 2010-3-26
Name: Sarah
State: CA
Country: USA
Phone: 831-338-3835
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Registered show blood line Sable dairy goats! We have three Chamois pure Sable doe kids available for reservation.

We will have more young goats available in a short time! We also provide stud service, boarding, and free advice.

Sable Dairy Goat Stud Service!
Registered show quality Sable stud service. Sables are known for their high milk production and tame personalities. A good choice for pure breeding or registerable experimental dairy goats. Great as easy to handle show goats, 4-H dairy goats, and milk production! From Champion bloodlines. We have two dairy goat studs available. Sully a beautiful Chamois coated Sable stud with a handsome well built figure and Duke a showy Black and Tan Sable from a completely unique, yet well merited blood line are ready for service!

Boulder Creek Farm Boarding Services
We provide quality boarding service for: goats, sheep, llamas, alpacas, and miniature horses. Our facilities are secure and comfortable. Each stall has a spacious yard for the animals to exercise in. We also have fitting stands and a scale available. Alfalfa, grain, and fresh water provided. Milking, grooming, horn or hoof care can be done for an extra fee.

It is $10 a day for goats and sheep.
$15 a day for llamas, alpacas, and miniature horses.

Please call or email