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For Sale - Build Your Own Hydroponic System Design Plans

Date Posted: 17-10-2010
Name: Jeff Sanders
State: AZ
Country: USA
Phone: 928-854-8765
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Why pay store prices when you can build your own hydroponic systems much cheaper and just as good. I have been building my own systems for about 2 years now, and have never bought one from a store. I have written a e-book (in PDF format) showing how anyone can build there own hydroponic system. This system was designed to grow 4 large plants, but is easily adaptable to grow more or less plants as you wish. The e-book is 11 pages and includes detailed instructions, and lots of pictures of the build. As well as tips on growing plants (plant nutrition), and pH charts for vegetables, fruits and herbs. I built this system myself using materials easily found at local stores like Home Depot, Lowe’s, Wal-Mart, Target, Big lots, Kmart etc. for between $60 and $80. (Note:) hydroponic nutrients will be required to grow hydroponic plants, and can easily be ordered on line if no hydroponic supply stores are local to your area.

All for just $5.00
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Then the e-book is then sent directly to your e-mail. (7.5 MB attached pdf. file)

Price: $5