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For Sale - Sable Saanen Dairy Goat Stud Service

Date Posted: 14-12-2010
Name: Sarah
City: Santa Cruz
State: CA
Country: USA
Phone: 831-338-3835
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Sable Saanen Dairy Goat Stud Service!

Registered show quality Sable Saanen stud service. Sable Saanens are known for their high milk production and tame personalities.

An excellent choice for pure breeding or for creating pedigree hybrid dairy goats. Great as easy to handle show goats, 4-H dairy goats, and for a source of wonderfully fresh supreme quality milk! Both of our studs are from Champion bloodlines. We have two dairy goat studs available.

Sully a beautiful chamois coated Sable Saanen stud with a handsome well built figure and Duke a rich black and tan Sable Saanen from a completely unique, yet well merited blood line.

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