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For Sale - Grain Express - Wagon / Trailer / Tender 400 bushel

Date Posted: 30-01-2014
City: Hull
State: IA
Country: USA
Email: noreply@agrisupportonline.com
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Our new ''Grain Express'' can do it all. Now you can haul 400+ bushel of your grains from the field to farm or take a load into town without pulling out the big truck or firing up the expensive tractor. This trailer is specifically designed to be pulled with just the heavy duty pickup you already have on the yard. With the heavy duty spread tandem axles and 8 heavy duty tires a load of over 400bu. only puts 4080lbs. on your tow vehichle(this is the same as if you were pulling a 24'livestock trailer or a flatbed of hay). Our ''Grain Express'' can be pulled at hiway speeds empty or full. The heavy duty brakes stop your trailer very nicely and safely. The easy to operate rear discharge lets you empty out the back with just gravity in under 90 seconds. You can save precious time and money and drive in the comfort of your pickup.

Listen to what some of the users are saying. ''It pulled in and out of fields just great'' ''Emptied moist beans alot better than some of my wagons'' 'I can get twice as much done in half the time'' ''My dad wont pull anything else to town now''I felt safer with my Grain Express than I did the neighbors semi'' ''The brakes almost stopped me too fast-I had to turn them down a bit'' ''Might even get the wife to haul now''
What more could you ask for? Call now to find out more 712 439 2727 God bless you all.

Price: $9,850