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For Sale - Wenseydale Lambs for sale Spring 2014

Date Posted: 19-12-2013
Name: Roberta Burns
City: Garden Valley
State: CA
Country: USA
Phone: 530-391-0549
Email: theburnsclan@yahoo.com
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Wenseydale sheep are a rare breed, naturally polled with genetic resistance to scrapie. They have lovely kemp free fleece compared to Angora and grow to a large size for a good carcass weight. They have very docile dispositions and can bring hybrid vigor to your flock. Handspinners love the fleece which has high luster. Mature rams can weigh in at 300lbs and ewes at 250lb. They come in white, black and shades of silver. We will be taking reservations/deposits for our 82 to 84 % spring lambs to arrive in March.

Price: $300