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For Sale - Buy and Sell Chicken Litter

Date Posted: 07-07-2014
Name: B & D Litter
City: South West City
State: MO
Country: USA
Phone: 479-524-5196
Email: bdlitterservice@yahoo.com
Website: http://bdlitter.com
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GOT POOP???? WE DO!!!!! B&D Litter Service consistently sets the mark for safe and efficient handling of litter products. With a fleet of over seventeen delivery trucks with belt or walking floor trailers, B&D offers competitive pricing, quick and safe delivery. We do not do spreading, we deliver it and dump it, we do however, have a couple of guys that will do the spreading for you. For a consistent product, and smoother spreading material it's B&D Litter Service. B&D Litter Service buys and sells chicken litter. No order too big or too small!

We also now offer Hen blend, the main difference with it versus the Broiler litter is the Nitrogen. The Nitrogen runs lower in the hen litter.

Have you ever had one of those clean outs that just don't go like it should? Well your worries are over! B&D Litter Service is here we have a 129,000 sq ft facility; we can move litter anytime, providing the roads are safe for our drivers. We cooperate with all water sheds. We are interested in buying broiler, hen, good turkey and good pullet litter. We are also interested in buying your de-cake. We pay as much or more as our competitors. We are fully insured. Let's face it, accidents happen, we will repair anything that we damage. Check us out and give us a chance to show you what we are all about. Give us a call at 479-524-5196 ask for Denny or Bobbie. You can visit our website at: www.bdlitter.com