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For Sale - Watusi Cattle

Date Posted: 21-12-2013
Name: Richard Broker
City: Robbins
State: NC
Country: USA
Phone: 910-464-5244
Mobile: 336-953-8728
Email: rbroker@riveroakscattle.com
Website: http://www.riveroakscattle.com
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This foundation pure watusi bull (Shama) has a pedigree as long as your arm. Dark red in color, DOB: 10-31-2012 and is going to be a world class herd sire. Excellant conformation, color and genitics he is a total package. Look at his parents on our web site. Sire: Rockin-a-lightningDam: M.R. Cocoa Transportation available from our ranch to yours.

Price: $2,500