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For Sale - Watusi Cattle

Date Posted: 22-02-2014
Name: Richard Broker
City: Robbins
State: NC
Country: USA
Phone: 910-464-5244
Mobile: 336-953-8728
Email: rbroker@riveroakscattle.com
Website: http://www.riveroakscattle.com
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River Oaks Cattle is dedicated to the preservation and improvement of the Foundation Pure Watusi Cattle. These majestic animals can trace their pedigree back 6000 years and are famous for being the World's largest horned cattle. Their calving ease, vigor, longevity and general ruggedness make them very desirable. First introduced into the Unitred States in the 1960's, today less than 2300 Foundation Pure Watusi have ever been registered in the United States. Due to the River Oaks Cattle selective breeding program and veterinarian approved health care program, we produce some of the greatest Watusi Cattle in the United States. All livestock is sold with health papers, pedigree documentation and a 30-day replacement guarantee.

Delivery available from our ranch to yours.
Vist our web site or visit our ranch, you are always welcome.