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For Sale - Tire Liners - for Farm Equipment - Tractors

Date Posted: 21-8-2012
Name: Melissa
City: Elida
State: OH
Country: USA
Phone: 800-837-5650
Email: ptgquote@yahoo.com
Website: http://tiregard.net
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-High-density, pure virgin rubber tire inserts
-Protect your truck, industrial, farm, and off-road tires from punctures that cause flats (our liners protect against thorns, metal objects, and more).

We custom make each liner based on your tire brand, tread type, and size.

Tire Gard is located at 216 S. Greenlawn Ave. in Elida, OH. We have been making high-quality tire inserts for over 20 years!


Tire Gard is made of high-quality, high-density, 1/2'' thick pure virgin rubber with no fillers or reground scrap.

Advantages over foam and urethane fill:
-No problem with heat build-up
-Cost is reduced by almost half
-Does not affect how the tire rides or steers

Tire Gard fits on the inside perimeter of the tire, covering the tread area and held in place by an inner tube. Tire Gard never wears out and cuts costly down-time by protecting against punctures and flats. Easy to install and requires no special tools or training

Perfect for: Lawn mowers, all tractor types, industrial and construction equipment, farm equipment, and other off-road tires.

Feel free to email us or call us at (800) 837-5650.