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For Sale - Ingresoll Rand 185 CFM Compressor

Date Posted: 24-8-2012
State: PA
Country: USA
Email: noreply@agrisupportonline.com
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Ingresoll rand 185 CFM Compressor Deuz Diesel
Make: Ingersoll-Rand
Power source: Diesel
Horsepower: 30+
Series or Model: P175WD

Hours: 3408
Year: 1989
Condition: Used

Unit is being sold as-is and for the asking price of 3,500.

The compressor works quite well. Simply put, we bought the unit NOT to use for road work, but to drive air through an air spade (a compressed air soil excavating tool) in order to excavate tree roots that were strangling trunks & vice versa. While the idea was nice as a concept, the compressor actually saw very little �work� time. So, instead of watching the unit grow older, and to avoid operational issues due to lack of use, we are electing to sell our unit, and to rent when/if we need to perform root excavations again.

The unit was fully serviced and repaired in 2008, and has only been used somewhere between 8 and 16 hours since all service work was done.
All service records are on file for the buyer, as well as the title.

Price: $3,500