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For Sale - Golden Buff Chickens

Date Posted: 4-10-2012
Name: Jennifer
City: Eustis
State: FL
Country: USA
Phone: 352-551-3916
Mobile: 352-551-3916
Email: jenshenhouse@gmail.com
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Hatched on 9/4, Golden Buff (Red Star) Female Chickens for sale, they have had their Marek's vaccinations. They have to be sold 2 or more, no single chickens ($10 Each), they need their buddy! HURRY Before they are gone!!

Golden Buffs are ''sex link'' chickens, meaning they're bred specifically so that males and females are different colors when they hatch. We have a 100en Guarantee because of this, no more surprises in 4 months. They are bred from a Red Female & Silver Male. Females are egg-laying machines that continue to lay well in the heat and cold, when many others slow down. This breed is great for backyarders because the females are sweet, small and docile, in addition to being super layers! They Lay Large to Extra Large Brown Eggs :)

If you have any questions please call or text 352-551-3916

Price: $10