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For Sale - Carpenter Bee Traps

Date Posted: 24-01-2015
Name: Randy Metcalf
City: Mars Hill
State: NC
Country: USA
Phone: 828-206-2938
Mobile: 828-206-2938
Email: rmetcalf1616@yahoo.com
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These carpenter bee traps are simple to use and require no bait or chemicals. Simply hang under eaves,peaks of your house ,barn or shed. You will be suprised how many carpenter bees (bore bees)you will eleminate. The trap is a small wood box made of pine with a hole drilled next to top,tthis is where bees enter and drop into plastic bottle where their trapped and soon die.
Carpenter bees are active in early spring buzzing around drilling holes to lay eggs. We've all got them so I hope you considser a couiple of these traps ,they work and you will be surprised the bees you catch. Shipping is available. Call for any questions. 828-206-2938
Traps $15.00

Price: $15.00