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For Sale - Selling Dairy Farm

Date Posted: 18-11-2012
Name: Radoi Marian
City: Rm. Valcea
State: Romania
Country: Romania
Phone: 4074-848-3870
Email: delia.radoi@yahoo.com
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I am selling a dairy farm near Rm Valcea (5000 sqm: 200 sqm buildings such as stables with a space for hay deposit (2 buildings where are 20 places for animals; the farm als0 has 2 simple barns where are 11 places for animales, two pigs' stalls- 30 places, bird house, bun, garage for tractor and car and also a covered space of 150sqm for machinery; also at sale a house- one room, kitchen and cellar; the construction dispose of single and three phase power, hammer mill and a septic tank. The construction has a concrete yard, solar greenhouse and fences. Also at sale cows- that produce over 25 liters of
milk/unit/daily and machinery. Please feel free to contact me at delia.radoi@yahoo.com for more information.

Price: 80,000