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For Sale - M*FLORANNA The Miracle Nutrient for your Soil and Crops

Date Posted: 10-01-2014
Name: Prof. Dr.Brigitte Janssen
City: Duiven
State: Gelderland
Country: Nederland
Phone: 0031-316-849-188
Mobile: 0031-61-479-8213
Email: info@adapaorganic.com
Website: http:// www.adapaorganic.com
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M*FLORANNA is our patented miracle natural nutrient for the Agricultural sector. M*FLORANNA totally natural materials creates higher nutrient elements and minerals in your soil and is very effective in biological soil systems. M*FLORANNA is the natural wonder food for your trees, plants and crops. It will give you the harvest with very large yields from your fruit trees,plants and crops. The wonder of nature in its fullest is the end result. Good soil biological activity is achieved by good soil structure through higher quality organic matter particles which are in the soil. Sixteen elements and minerals are recognized as being essential for the growth of all plants. The elements and minerals have been recognized as a necessity for the growth of some plant species​. These certain essential elements and minerals exist in nature in a number of ionic forms, plants are still using only specific ones. After a 12 years research we managed to provide your plants with all the elements and minerals that it needs trough our M*FLORANNA natural miricale nutrient for your soil, trees, plants and crops. A few vital properties and benefits: M*FLORANNA regulates the growth. Supports your trees and plants naturally. Increases cellular respiration Makes plants more phototropic. Increases photosynthesis. Increases soil micro flora Improves all kind off soils. Stimulates the nutrients in the soils. M * FLORANNA regulates and makes plants healthier, and resistant to problems. Fruit become larger and much better tasting. Crop yields, fruit yields are increased 15o 35n percentage. Product is total natural and organic. for more vital properties en benefits see our website.

We provide on 2 different fields: A: Organic nutrient products that creates natural healthy high yields in the Agricultural sector. B:We export seeds from our greenery worldwide treated with our high yields enhacing organic nutrients products.

For orders: We supply in jerrycans 0.5 gallon 1 gallon (4 liter) 4 gallon ( 16 liter) containers: 15 gallon (60 liter) 25 gallon (100 liter) IBC Containers from 250 gallons (1000 liter) and IBC Containers from 160 gallons (600 liters) For prices see our website. Shipping/transport cost included in the price (excl tax) send us your order request for small or larger orders we will issue your invoice with your orders. For lager orders and bulk products email us for special pricing . Available shipping options for, 25 Gallon Totes- 250 IBC containers and lager bulk M*FLORANNA products request for our quotes

Price: $49 ( 37,35) for minimum 0.5 Gallon