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For Sale - Energy Free Livestock Watering Solution

Date Posted: 24-02-2014
Name: Frostfree Nosepumps Ltd.
City: Rimbey
State: AB
Country: Canada
Phone: 1-866-843-6744
Email: info@frostfreenosepumps.com
Website: http://www.frostfreenosepumps.com
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The Frostfree Nosepump is an ENERGY FREE livestock watering solution that WORKS YEAR ROUND regardless of temperature! Animals pump their own water instead of using power to do it. When not in use, there is no water at the surface that can freeze. This combined with capturing geothermal heat (natural heat) from the ground has proven itself over the last 13+ years to be a reliable, effortless, year round option. Check out our website to learn more about this innovative product!

Price: Cdn $1399