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For Sale - Great Pyrenees LGD

Date Posted: 28-07-2013
Name: Boer GoatsKH
City: Toone
State: TN
Country: USA
Phone: 731-659-3201
Email: boergoatskh@yahoo.com
Website: http://boergoatskh.tripod.com
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The above listed great Pry. is for sale, $125. She is located on farm in Toone, TN. Info: She is about 1 1/2 years old. I bought her in April of 2012, as a 5 week old puppy. Active, white, double dew claws on back legs. Dewormed on regular bases, on heartworm prevention, since she was 6 months old. She is a farm dog.

Raised around boer goats. She has been around cats, but really don't like them. She does have a natural guarding ability. She is not registered. I do not have children living with me, but dog has been around children who visited here, and seems to like kids. She seems to like men and women, but here care giver is female. She does not run away, she says at home. She had her first litter of great pyr. puppies June 6, I have weaned them, she feed and cared for her puppies.

I have trained her to protect boer goats from coyotes, she will fight a coyote.

I have not trained her to protect chickens or cattle from coyotes.

If your neighbors dogs sneaks in your pasture, to kill your goats, this dog will do her best, to protect them for you.

Price: 125.00