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For Sale - 125 Gallon 3 Point Dual Pourpose Sprayer

Date Posted: 11-10-2013
Name: Kenny Shell
State: TN
Country: USA
Phone: 865-457-9744
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125 gallon boomless 3 point hitch sprayer. It will work on any tractor. It is powered by a 6 roller pump that attaches to the P.T.O. shaft by a Quick Disconect Coupler. The boomless sprayer tip located at the rear of the sprayer. It sprays in a half-circle pattern 10/12 feet to each side and to the rear.

The Sprayer tip is mounted on a arm that will swing out to the side and the tip will rotate to achive the desired spray pattern. This is helpfull when traveling parallel to fencerows, woodlines, roadways, and ditches. The sprayer is equipped with a adjustable tip sprayer wand with 20 foot of hose.

Price: $1250