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For Sale - Horned Shedding Heritage Sheep

Date Posted: 21-02-2014
Name: S.A. Napotnik
City: New Florence
State: PA
Country: USA
Phone: 814-446-1133
Email: jan2san@verizon.net
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Wiltshire Horn shedding heritage sheep. No shearing, no tail docking just turn them loose on grass and watch them grow. Excellent for improving cross breeding commercial herds. Heavier lamb carcasses on Dorper, Kathadin, St Croix, American Black Belly/Barbados X Wiltshire horn. Prices start at $500. We have two Australian bred rams and several non related ewes for sale.   Possible pairs/trios.  Don't wait, get your starter flock today!  

Price: $500.oo