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For Sale - New Organic Pelleted Fertilizer

Date Posted: 13-01-2014
Name: Fabio Tomasello
City: Miami
State: FL
Country: USA
Phone: 305-873-9940
Email: info@bioecofix.com
Website: http://bioecofix.com
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The Compost Nurture Solid line is obtained by processing chicken manure and other organic materials selected.

The chicken manure has shown optimum properties for composting, especially for high values of nitrogen, phosphorus and calcium, to which the content of humic acids, hormones, enzymes, auxins, antibiotics, etc. are added. Which make Compost.

Nurture a unique and high quality product.

Nurture Solid Pelletizing Compost is an organic amendment, complemented efficiently with fertilization at enhancing its action and regulate the availability of nutrients in accordance with the requirements of crops throughout the cycle.

Soil improvement as hardware - chemical, thus develops its water holding capacity and other characteristics that enhance their initial fertility.

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