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For Sale - Agriculture Wireless Sensors Solution

Date Posted: 18-01-2015
Name: Boban
City: Taipei
State: Taiwan
Country: Taiwan
Phone: +886978456325
Email: sales@shop-wifi.com
Website: http://www.shop-wifi.com/wireless-sensors/wireless-agriculture
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Agriculture wireless sensors solution

Refers to precision farming, greenhouse automation and environment monitoring & control. In many sectors farmers, researchers or greenhouse owners need to measure the degree and extent of certain.

Sentrol Cloud is solution for agricultural data monitoring, management and output control. This solution is underpinned by three central functions and/or components 1: data collection in the field/greenhouse/factory-farm etc using ZigBee’s Agriculture Data Sensors 2: Data from sensors sent to Gateway Receiver and Receiver communicating with a Relay Device which takes automatic action (remedy) based on the data from the field. 3: Send Data to Users ‘control centre’ using the internet thus making data analysis and environment control possible from anywhere in the world. This program is designed to make data easily accessible, comprehensive and intuitive.The Sentrol Cloud gives the user complete control of his environment by allowing him to set ‘optimum’/’buffer’ zones for temperature & humidity, soil moisture, leaf wetness or soil temperature. In the event of the sensors registering readings that fall outside of the required optimum environment then the Relay Device will automatically take action by powering-on a predetermined power source which in turn triggers fans, heaters or irrigation systems etc. The intensity of said action can also be controlled automatically by our centrol Cloud technology as and when the environment drifts further away from or closer to the predetermined ‘buffer’ or ‘optimum’ zone.

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