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For Sale - Scottish Highland x Buffalo cross Hi-Lo

Date Posted: 12-03-2014
Name: Crystal Frazier
State: TN
Country: USA
Mobile: 423-237-5885
Email: fraz8768@bellsouth.net
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9 month old young bull calf Scottish Highland Heifer x Buffalo Bull cross.
His dad is a full blooded American buffalo/bison and mother is a medium sized scottish highland. He was raised on a bottle in a petting zoo with children prior to us acquiring him. We purchased him in September when he was old enough to go on grain. His horns are just now starting good and are turning up like a buffalo instead of out like a highland. He is a dark reddish brown like a buffalo calf unlike his lighter mother. Since acquiring him, he has been pastured with Nigerian Dwarf and Pygmy goats, babydoll sheep, and a young purebred highland heifer and a pair of Great Pyrenees. He is super friendly and still eats from your hand and allows you to pet him while he is eating. He would make a great pet, breeder or meat as both highland and buffalo are lean and low in cholesterol.
The only reason we are selling him is my husband is looking to acquire a purebred white highland bull and we are not sure if they would do well in the field together as he is a pet and unaware he is a bull at this point.

Scottish Highland are known for their docile temperament, ease of care, easy calving, will thrive in even poor pastures, hardiness, and premium meat. Buffalo are also known for premium meat with a lower fat content, lower cholesterol content and higher iron content than regular beef while still maintaining tenderness and excellent flavor. Gets along well with sheep, goats, great pyrenees dogs, and other cattle. Excellent cross to beef out or would make a great herd sire. $800
423-237-5885 call, text and email okay

Price: $800