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For Sale - Oyster Flakes™ For Farms

Date Posted: 07-05-2014
Name: Newport River Management, LLC.
City: Newport
State: NC
Country: USA
Phone: 202-436-9052
Email: bart@newportriver.com
Website: http://www.oystershells.us
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Howdy Everyone, I'm The Beer Oyster™
You can visit me at Oystershells.us

If ya'll need a natural wholesome source of good calcium for your Chickens or Crops, we've got exactly what you need.

Oyster Flakes™ For Farmers. -

Our Oyster Flakes™ are Farm Raised in the U.S. on our Shellfish Farm using All Natural and Sustainable Harvesting methods.

Our Shell is all natural, hand picked, fresh, heat treated, and crushed in a way that doesn't destroy the mineral quality.

We want to make sure you get the best quality shell at an affordable price.

Oyster Flakes™ are packaged in 5lb Bags and our shipping price can't be beat.

If ya'll need a large quantity you can tell us what you need and we can ship via freight.

Message us directly through your OysterShells.us Customer Account, Contact Form, Email, or give our Farm Headquarters a Call.

We're an All American Veteran Owned U.S. Company.

Our Veteran Owned Family Farm uses good old fashioned methods for growing and harvesting our Shell. Oyster Flakes™ are priced to tailor the backyard, small, and medium farms.

Need Shell? Come on over to OysterShells.us

Join our Fun Shell Blog! Share Photo's of your Farm, and message other Shell Members. Just stay out my Beer Cooler. :)

Hope ya'll have a Great Summer!

-The Beer Oyster

Military Veteran Farmers get 12% off each order.
Just add your mos and unit information to you bio or order details.

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