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For Sale - Stripper Header with Two Rotors

Date Posted: 15-05-2014
Name: Denis
City: Kharkov
State: Kharkov
Country: Ukraine
Mobile: +380675797242
Email: den4ikk24@mail.ru
Website: http://ukragroserv.com.ua
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Stripper header «Slavianka UAS» is intended for harvesting spiked and panicular cereal crops, seeds of fodder grass and medicinal plants.
Width of cut 5 m, 6m and 7 m
Productivity 5 ha/hour
Soil copping mechanism
Operating speed 9 km/h
Can be mounted on combine harvesters of any type
Total grain losses less than 1,5% thank to its design features
Fuel economy – up to 40% compared with conventional types of harvesting.
Quality gathering of lodged grain and weedy fields. It showed a good result in forming of stubble-field wings, no-till and mini-till harvesting technology.
24 month warranties, service maintenance, parts, designer supervision during machine lifetime are provided.
Ukr.Agro-servis, Ukraine