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For Sale - BGT 3800

Date Posted: 01-09-2014
Name: BGT Tech
City: Miami
State: FL
Country: USA
Email: admin@bouzagreenfarming.com
Website: http://bouzagreenfarming.com
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● Number of shanks 5
● HORIZONTAL cut without inverting the soilís layers
● Great durability
● Heavy Duty Frame
● Dual gauge wheels
● Width of cut Ė 13 feet (adjustable)
● Three Point Hitch
● Requires a 150-200 hp tractor
● Appropriate for large areas
● Reduces dust formation
● Excellent weed and compaction control in superficial and deep tillage
● Protective system against impact.

BGT TECHNOLOGY is a cutting-edge design and a revolutionary method for the work of the soil that performs the HORIZONTAL cut in the soil without inverting its layers; following the same course that they were formed by Nature. Its devices and angles, carefully studied, causes positives changes never imagened beforein the fertility of the soil, in the conservation of water, savings in fossil fuels, and in the economy of the farmer.

This new tehcnology has been recorded by the Department of Patents of the United States (USPTO)


Checkmark5BGT saves up to 50% or more of fossil fuel and salaries.

Checkmark5Gradually reduces over the 50% of the herbicides and the dust .

Checkmark5Allows to save up to 50% or more of the water and the fertilizers.

Checkmark5Increments the agriculture crop yields and the quality of the foods.

Checkmark5Reduces up to 50% or more of the emission of the pollutants toward the environment.

Price: 19.975