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For Sale - Bred Salers Heifers in Oregon

Date Posted: 08-11-2014
Name: Bruce Topham
City: Sprague River
State: OR
Country: USA
Phone: (541)533-2416
Email: cattle@flyingtsalers.com
Website: http://www.flyingtsalers.com
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100 Head of bred Salers heifers from a closed herd. These heifers are all gentle & easy to handle. They have been selected for calving-ease, good disposition, maternal characteristics, and performance traits. Bred to calving ease Salers bulls to start calving March 1st for 90 days. Red and Black heifers available. Our cattle live under natural range conditions, feeding on meadow and range grasses from late April to mid November and wintering on grass hay. Call or e-mail if you have any questions or for additional information.

Price: Negotiable