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For Sale - Registered American Guinea Hogs

Date Posted: 26-09-2016
Name: Jesse McDaniel
City: Carmine
State: TX
Country: USA
Email: j_l_mcdaniel@yahoo.com
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I have American Guinea Hogs for sale. More pix available on request. The hogs for sale are all registered.

I am asking $200 each.

The American Guinea Hog is a true American heritage breed. They are exceptionally calm and friendly. Being smaller hogs (Females to 100lb, males to 250lbs), they are great for smaller, sustainable farming. These guys like getting their bellies rubbed after dinner. They will walk up, rub up against you, and then plop over as if they expect a good rub down.

The American Guinea Hog Association has a web page where you can find out more information on this rare heritage breed hog; www.guineahogs.org.

Price: 200