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For Sale - Refined & Crude Sunflower Oil

Date Posted: 16-01-2015
Name: Jacob Hence
State: PA
Country: USA
Email: chemo_cal@yahoo.com
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We are one of the leading Filipinos trading companies dealing with all kind of oils namely:

Refined & crude sunflower oil
Refined / crude soyabeans oil
Rapessed oil
Vegetable oil
Olive oils
Corn oil (crude & Refined)
Crude palm oil (for bio-diesel which we get from Africa and South East Asia)
Animal feeds

We offer great quantities of oils of up to 100.000 MT/year.

Our prices are very affordable and remain one of the best prices in Philippines and the entire Asia. Our goal is to make our customer every increasing and ever satisfied.

We offer our refined sunflower oil and others oils at prices ranging from 700-1000 $/MT CIF and the Payment terms will be negotiated by the two parties meaning us and the customer in question depending on where we deliver considering frieghts and transportation and Inconveniencies.

Price: 460