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For Sale - Tile Plow for Rent

Date Posted: 23-03-2015
Name: Nelson Ag Drainage, LLC
City: Dawson
State: MN
Country: USA
Phone: (320)226-7268
Email: nelsonagdrainage@hotmail.com
Website: http://nelsonagdrainage.com
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Do you have a tiling project you need done, but don't want to spend the extra money hiring a contractor or buying a plow? We have the solution! Rent a plow from us and tile yourself for much less. We offer monthly, weekly, and daily rates. We deliver the plow and stringer trailer, get you set up and provide tech support. We also offer surveying services. The plow is a Gold Digger Stealth ZD with a 6.5 ft. working depth and can install 4''-10'' tile. GPS and plow control system is included. Call 320-226-7268 or visit nelsonagdrainage.com for more information.

What you get:
-Free delivery within 120 miles of Dawson, MN(additional mileage will be charged a small fee)
-Use of GPS and plow control equipment
-Use of tile stringer trailer
-Free installation of equipment in your tractor
-2 days of in field training(we help you get started) and free tech support after training.
-You will recieve detailed maps of your project(s) when they are completed.

We are also a drainage contracting company and have 18 years in drainage experience. We can help you with anything you may need.

-Surveying/design of your project(s). We will survey and design your project to make sure you get the best drainage possible without wasting money. This process saves you time and money. We flag all lines so there is no question where your tile lines will go. You will also recieve a preliminary tile map and footage total so you will know exactly how much tile and fittings you will need to order.

-Large main installation. We can also install your mains that are not able to be plowed.

You'd have to rent our equipment for nearly 1 full year to justify buying your own.

Call us for more information.