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For Sale - Boost your Glyphosate up to 34x the Power

Date Posted: 28-05-2015
Name: Michelle
City: Howells
State: NE
Country: USA
Phone: 402-281-0766
Mobile: 402-381-1190
Email: michelle@bresterseed.net
Website: http://www.nanomaxsolutions.net
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Having Problems with resistant weeds? Power up your glyphosate up to 34X's!

NanoRevolution 2.0 can kill resistant weeds when added to glyphosate! The nano particles of NanoRevolution 2.0 are so tiny that there able to get glyphosate to piggyback onto it and together gets through the waxy coatings that resistant weeds tend to have. Which allows the glyphosated to get into the bloodstream of resistant weeds and kill them at the roots! If you have anything from Rigid ryegrass, Marestail ,Italian Rye Grass, Common Ragweed, Palmer Amaranth, Water hemp, Goose Grass, Hairy Fleabane, Broad Leaf Plantain, Johnson Grass ,Wild Poinsettia give us a call and see how NanoRevolution 2.0 can clean up your fields. (Pictured a 4' Palmer cut open, shows black/dead inside)

Use rate is 4oz

To learn more log onto www.nanomaxsolutions.net or call 402-281-0766

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