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For Sale - Katahdin x Lacaune Yearling Ram

Date Posted: 12-12-2015
Name: Hellbert
State: MD
Country: USA
Email: gunzer77hg@gmail.com
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Yearling ram: 31% Lacaune x 69% Katahdin. Add some dairy blood to your Katahdin ewes. It is hard to find Lacaune genetics in the US, especially mixed with Katahdin. I almost hate to sell him, but a good portion of my flock now carries some Lacaune blood. The Lacaune is a French dairy sheep that produces milk with high butter fat. The Lacaune genetics I added have added some frame and growth to my lambs. They also seem tamer than other breeds. That's good or bad, depending upon your preference. The 16% Lacaune ewes that this ram would sire shouldn't have any trouble shedding; mine don't.

Price: 300