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For Sale - East Friesian Milking Sheep

Date Posted: 18-04-2016
Name: Duncan
City: Manassas
State: VA
Country: USA
Mobile: (401)314-3656
Email: dm175113@gmail.com
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We have East friesian sheep for milking and for other individual purposes.

Specification of our East Friesian sheep.

East Friesian sheep is a breed of dairy sheep originating from East Friesia in northern Germany. It is one of the best sheep breeds in terms of milk yield per ewe.

Production is estimated to 300-600 liters of milk, over a 200- to 300-day.

They have white wool which is about 35-37 microns with a staple length of 120160 mm. Wool production is about 4.5 kg per ewe.

The mature weight of this breed is between 150 to 200 pounds (70-90 kg), while lambs are between 20-30 kg depending on the age group.

Price: 50