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For Sale - CVR Treechopper for ATV, UTV Tractor

Date Posted: 10-09-2016
Name: Kelly Coover
City: Galesburg
State: KS
Country: USA
Phone: 620-763-2500
Email: kellycoover@hotmail.com
Website: http://cvrmanufacturing.com
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CVR Manufacturing, Inc. is now building the Tree Chopper (formerly made by DR and ATV-X).

It is an ATV (4 wheeler) mounted tree saw that allows you to drive up and over a tree up to 4 inches in diameter cutting it off flush with the ground. 60 day warranty.

A video is available here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yF9uxexunYo
and here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L_VljUmmCvE

Made of durable, professional-grade steel, the device mounts securely to the front of most ATVs and cuts trees up to 4'' thick in seconds. Unlike skid-steer mounted tree shears, the TreeChopper requires no external power source or stopping and waiting for hydraulic jaws to open and close around the tree. The TreeChopper can cut hundreds of trees per hour.
How the TreeChopper works:
Forward fixed blades on each side of the device score the trunk and help guide the tree toward circular rotating blades in the center.
Just like a pipe cutter slices through metal, circular blades rotate as the ATV accelerates through the trunk, cutting cleanly from each side.
The device's trailing blade shears off the stump smoothly from the back.
The blades cut flush to the ground, leaving a stump no more than a 1/4'' high, so the tree won't re-grow.
Key features of the new Tree Chopper include T-100 tempered steel blades and a durable, corrosion resistant powder coat finish. Field testing with the unit proves the durable blades will cut over 300,000 trees before they need to be replaced.

Price: $1650