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For Sale - High Milking Saanen and Boer Goats

Date Posted: 07-12-2016
Name: Chomba
State: TX
Country: USA
Phone: 469-300-6465
Email: carterrigde.farms@gmail.com
Website: http://carter-ridgefarms.net
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We have excellent breeds of many goat species,No CAE, CL, and JOHNES DISEASE. we currently have goats which are milking currently , kids which are ready to breed and meat goats as well .Our goats have
excellent milk and show lines.

Below are the various species we have ;
saanen ,boer, Nubian, Oberhasli ,Nigerian Dwarf ,pygmy ,Alphine, Pygora, Kinder, Angora, LaMancha, Toggenburg, Boer, Kiko, Brush goats, Tennessee Fainting Goat .

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