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For Sale - Steel made Germinator Closing Wheels

Date Posted: 13-01-2021
Name: Farm shop mfg
City: Armstrong
State: Iowa
Country: United States
Phone: 7122190148
Email: farmshopmfg20@gmail.com
Website: https://farmshopmfg.com/products/
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The Germinator Closing Wheels from Farm Shop is manufactured from premium quality and durable steel and has successfully outperformed the other traditional copperhead agricultural products. The Germinator Closing Wheels can cover the grain furrow while preventing the sidewall compaction and removing the unnecessary air pockets. It is rust-resistant and is easy to clean.

The Germinator Closing Wheels can be used in all soil conditions including no-till conditions for consistent and effective germination as well as the emergence of the seeds. It covers the soil on the seed ‘V’ properly to ensure suitable soil to seed contact is maintained.