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For Sale - Camellia Oleifera Transformation

Date Posted: 28-08-2023
Name: Isla Miller
City: Shirley
State: ny
Country: USA
Email: contact@lifeasible.com
Website: https://www.lifeasible.com/camellia-oleifera-transformation/
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After years of development and technical research, Lifeasible has a mature and high success rate of genetic transformation and cell regeneration system, which can provide stable transgenic technology service for customers of oil tea trees. Our experienced team of experts can work one-on-one to customize the program to meet the needs of our customers. Our oil tea tree transformation technology platform, using Agrobacterium mediated method, can complete the whole experimental process from vector construction to obtaining transgenic plants for you, helping you save valuable research time. Our wide range of Agrobacterium and selectable marker vector constructs ensure that your project needs are met. We offer the following range of constructing vector transformation methods for you to choose from.